Equiping our students with the qualifications that enable them to develop dynamic models with scientific data and with the capacity of viewing tendencies to analyze environmental factors effectively  perspectives in their areas of ability. By supporting the lifelong learning initiative, analyzing the current and future situations that the students will encounter and provide support to them on every platform. Emphasis on activities aimed at developing the resources and skills of our vocational  school in accordance with global trends, contributing to respect for the people of our cultural identity, nature, different people, thoughts and beliefs.  Following the global developments, using, adapitng, them to the higher education systemand contributing to their developments, to pioneer scientific and technological developments in society,  in the structure of the state and in the industry, contributions  in choosing the areas where individuals can succeed and in the areas of  education, health, safety, justice, and to provide the highest quality of service.

Last Update Date: 03 September 2018, Monday