Emergency and Disaster Management

It is of utmost importance for the society to have well trained manpower to take initiative in case of a disasteras Turkey is in a risky geographical region for natural disaster such as earthquakes. The aim of this program is to take precautions such as education, awareness, project development before disasters like earthquake, flood, avalanche, landslide; in the case of disasters, to train and innovate, researchers and entrepreneurial personnel with knowledge and skills and equipment related to the profession to do and manage any kind of loss-reducing activities, especially coordination. This program is designed to provide students with an understanding of emergency and disaster management, as well as to improve their analytical and communication skills and to develop them in various career paths, including fire safety, evacuation, pre-disaster planning and legal grounds.

Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to earn an Associate Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. Graduates receive the Emergency and Disaster Management Technician title.  Our graduates will be able to take precautions such as education, awareness and project development in case of a disaster, be capable of  managing and doing every type of loss diminishing activity, before the disaster, and to undertake crisis management responsibilities  and be able to educate and manage any subsidiary civil defence units. By organizing search and rescue work in all circumstances, they will be able to provide training for search and rescue and survival periodically to all the people who live in the area where they work, where they can undertake referral and administration. Thus, they will be able to make institutions and people do proactive preparations against dangers and natural disasters.

Internship Practice

Emergency and Disaster Management Associate Degree Program has 20 days of compulsory internship practice.

Students must perform their compulsory internship at any time after the 2nd semester final exam, but not at different time periods.

Students will be trained in " Ministry of Interior", "Ministry of Health", "Ministry of Environment and Urbanization", "Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication", "Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs", "Prime Ministry AFAD", "Kızılay" workplaces with areas of activity such as emergency, disaster management, search and rescue, emergency medical services, safety in disaster areas, security services in emergency situations, urban planning and urban transformation, disaster and emergency coordination, disaster and emergency response. Students will find the place where they will intern. Students who are permanently working in establishments that are deemed suitable for the internship are able to do this internship in the same business by documenting this situation.

Vertical Transit Capabilities

Students who graduated from Emergency and Disaster Management Associate Degree Program are required to enter the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) by the Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) in order to continue their undergraduate education from the 5th semester of formal education or open education undergraduate programs.

Students who have graduated from this program can obtain detailed information from the 2018 Vocational Schools and Vertical Transfer Examination for Undergraduate Studies in Open Education (DGS) Graduates from 2018, which show the undergraduate programs that they can apply for under the vertical transfer, the conditions of these programs and the number of students to be admitted to these programs. This guide contains principles and rules regarding how candidates may apply, how they will make their undergraduate program choices, examinations, assessment and placement procedures, vocational college directorates and units to which associate degree programs are attached.

Employment Areas of the Program:

Graduates of the Emergency and Disaster Management program, in line with their qualifications, can work in (Hospitals, schools, etc.) and local administrations in disaster management and coordination centers, fire brigade, civil defense search and rescue unions, private sector and non-governmental organizations in the fields related to disaster management in provincial directorates of Disaster and Emergency Presidency, in the relevant units of management, in international organizations.

If they graduate by completing this program successfully, they can continue their undergraduate studies by entering the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) which will be done by ÖSYM.

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