Child Development

General Information


Child Development Program started education in 2008-2009 . The program still continue to give education as daytime and evening education.


Associate degree in child development program is a 4 semesters high education program aiming  to train people who have education and training in pre-school and special education institutions and who provide children with music, pictures, drama, gymnastics, computer training, having pleasant time, preparing educational material in this sense and having the necessary knowledge and skills to apply first aid.


Our students who have completed the program have extensive job opportunities; public institutions and private preschools. They can also work as master instructors in special education and rehabilitation centers and schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.


Students who graduate from the program can continue their education in the Child Development Teaching and Pre-School Teaching departments through vertical transfer.


Vocational High School Child Development Program prepared within the scope of MEB - YÖK Vocational Schools Program Development Project was implemented in the academic year of 2008-2009, the Child Development Program prepared within the scope of MEB - YÖK İKMEP project is implemented as of 2010-2011 academic year.



Head of Department


Instructor. Tuğba KANMAZ

Last Update Date: 14 September 2018, Friday