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In our finance department  a balanced program is implemented for students to gain economics, finance, public economy, accounting, financial law, tax and criminal law formation. Whatever system and management style it is in, it affects the state, economic life and activities, and it also needs various income sources in order to fulfill its primary or secondary duties. The first and most important component of these income sources is tax revenues. From this point of view, while training is provided for the closing of personnel vacancies in finance, accounting and tax matters, which private institutions will need in fulfilling their financial duties against the state; on the other hand, the state is also trying to implement a program aimed at ensuring the needs of auditors and specialists in the field, such as taxation, tax audit and financial judgment in the modern sense.


Students who have successfully completed all the requirements of the program and completed the summer internship of 30 working days, will be awarded the "Degree of Finance Professional Associate Degree" at the end of the 4th semester.


Graduates have the opportunity to work in the government sector, especially in the Ministry of Finance and Customs. Finance vocational college graduates can work freely as well as work in financial units of private sector institutions. In addition, the Republic of Turkey Central Bank, Public Enterprises, State Planning Organization, Local Authorities, Municipalities, SAI and other public institutions with banks and they can find jobs in various organizations of the private sector, can open accounting and financial consulting firms. Graduates are generally working as auditors and managers in public and private sector organizations.


Head of Department


Instructor. Rıdvan SEZGİN

Last Update Date: 03 September 2018, Monday