General Information


Purpose of the program


This program was established to meet the need of the qualified staff in the field of chemistry, which is needed by our country and market conditions. Students who successfully complete this program are entitled to receive the title "Chemistry Technician".


Chemical Technician


The main task and responsibility of a chemical technician is to help chemists and chemical engineers during the work of the industry. The aim of the chemistry program developed for this reason is; it is aimed to educate technicians who have extensive knowledge about basic principles of chemistry as well as those who have the skill of working in specially equipped laboratories with advanced technology.


It is the person who carries out the necessary work to obtain the product of the desired quality according to the business plan and program prepared by the chemical engineers and chemists in the laboratories of the establishments producing chemicals or using chemicals.




According to the work program prepared by chemical engineers, it enables the equipment to be commissioned and operated as required,


Evaluate whether the product quality conforms to the determined standards from the analysis results made,


If the product does not conform to the standard,


Help the chemical engineer to create product standards,


Keep the business report.


Tools and Materials Used


Glass materials: Test tube, pipette, burette, desiccator, funnel, beaker, mullen, balonjoje, baguette, back cooler,


Porcelain materials: mortar, capsules, moon funnel, crucible, porcelain cup,


Instruments: Oven, Külfirin, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Viscometer, PH meter, Electronic Scale, Refractometer,


Acids: Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and so on.


Bases: Organic and inorganic,




Pure water,


The samples (product, chemical, etc.),


Various forms,


Computer and related software.


Features of your profession


Those who want to be a chemistry technician;


It's about science, especially about chemistry,


If you can concentrate your attention on a point for a long time,




If you can follow the instruction,


If you can handle and solve a problem when necessary,


Without sight, hearing, smell and speech disability,


They must be people who have no health problems related to chemical substances.


Working Environment and Conditions


Chemistry technicians; work in laboratories, factories and workshops. The working environment is loud, smelly and dusty.Explosion, chemical burns and poisoning may occur İn the case of not being careful when operating. He works with chemistry engineers, chemists and other workers.


Workspaces and Job Opportunities for Those Graduated from This Program


Emerging industrial activities brought with it the need for grown intermediate man power. The human power employed in the workplace has begun to change in quality. Many industrial establishments with chemistry laboratories employ the aforementioned occupational staff. There is no difference between men and women in finding a job. This profession requires very large capital and requires teamwork.


Vocational Training Places


The education of the profession is given in the section "Chemistry", "Chemistry Technology" of vocational colleges affiliated to various universities.


Entry Requirements


Vocational high school; Graduates of Industrial Painting and Decoration, Industrial Painting, Chemistry, Rubber Technology, Petrochemical, Plastic Processing, Plastic Technology, Process, Industrial Painting and Application Techniques, Industrial Painting and Dyeing Technology departments can enter the "Chemistry Technician"


Those who graduated from the departments of the vocational high schools without the examination or those who graduated from the high school will enter the Student Selection Examination (ÖSS) made by the OSYM Presidency and if they have enough "Numerical (SQA)" points, they can be placed according to Y-ÖSS scores.

Training Time and Content

The training period of this profession is 2 years. In addition to the lessons learned throughout the course, During practical training, students are given practical training by doing internship in school laboratories and related workplaces.


Job Advancement


Successful graduates of this program can make a vertical transition to "Chemistry", "Chemical Engineering", "Biochemistry", "Environmental Engineering" undergraduate programs if they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam opened by OSYM.


Chemistry technicians may be chief, assistant manager when working in their workplaces.


Scholarship, Credit and Wage Status


Students who meet the conditions during vocational training can benefit from the student loan provided by the Credit and Dormitory Institution. Scholarships are also given to successful students.


Chemistry technicians who finish their vocational training will be paid no less than the minimum wage in the context of their skills, experience and industry rules in case they start to work in the private sector. When the inflation rate is taken into consideration, they are paid 2-4 times the maximum minimum wage.


The ones working in the public sector are subject to the Law No. 657 on Civil Servants. In the Technical Services Class, they start to see the second stage of the 10th grade.



Progression in the profession


"Chemistry", "Biochemistry", "Environmental Engineering" degree programs can be transferred vertically if they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam opened by ÖSYM.

Chemistry technicians may be chief, assistant manager when working in their workplaces.




Head of Department


Instructor Vedat ÇETİN

Last Update Date: 03 September 2018, Monday